Monday, June 21, 2010


Just some stuff:

We did get a cell phone before we started the trip. Mum, who said hell would freeze over before she bought one, bought it. Note: hell did not freeze over.

A thing I've noticed: so many freckles on my hands and lower arms! Amazingly, I have not burst into flames due to being exposed to that weird glowing ball in the sky.

I am going to allow anonymous comments so anyone who doesn't already have a Blogger account does not have to make one. Please play nice. And, crossing my fingers, I'm hoping the sp*mbots don't find my blog.

I have added a Sitemeter so I can tell how many people are visiting the blog.

Note that I have changed the format/title of the posts. I've added a "to/from" and mileage in the body of each post. The mileage is from point-to-point, not our true mileage. I have no desire to have to check the odometer morning and night.

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