Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Nine

Salina, KS
-0- Miles

I should title this post "GRAR!"

The car started this morning without any hesitation, yay! We were on the road later than normal and were going to pick up a fast food breakfast. It was just after 11:00 a.m. so the quickie breakfast got nipped in the bud. We decided to gas up and hit the IHOP. You know what's coming, right? The car wouldn't start after the gas fill up. *pounds head on dashboard* We got a jump there from a kind local dude who directed us to a local parts shop (Advance Auto Parts) that would have batteries and be able to install it. Hector, the parts clerk, checked out the battery with a nifty gizmo and the battery was fine. GRAR! What now?! Hector (cute!) suggested it was the corroded battery cable. Oy vey. He then directed us to a local repair shop (Oard's Auto & Truck Repair Service) that might be able to get to us today. "Might"? Yikes.

We got to Oard's and the mechanic, Brian, was just leaving for lunch. Sigh. We decided to go to lunch while he did (the car started, yay!). We all got back to the garage and agreed that the battery cable was shot. Mum and I head into the not very cool waiting room and wait. An hour and 15 minutes later Brian pokes his head into the waiting room and says "oops". I started looking for sharp objects to poke my eyes out. It turns out the problem was the alternator (yes, Eric, you were right). So, $400 later we're ready to get back on the road.

We're staying in Salina again tonight. There will be a couple days of not much except driving and then...

Yellowstone! Hey, Booboo, where's the pic-a-nic basket?

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