Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Six

De Smet, SD to Kansas City, MO
456 Miles

This section of our trip was uneventful until a couple hours after lunch in Iowa. I discovered I had left my credit card at the restaurant. Oh, f*ck (I said that many, many times among other curse words). Eric (my husband) called and got the card canceled for me, but not until after asking if it was possible to go back for it. I guess I didn't make myself clear about where we were (six hours away by that time) when I called him. I'm still feeling pretty stupid for leaving it behind. Oh, well. Mum and I worked the situation out and we're fine for the rest of the trip.


Iowa was pretty but flat until we got to southern end of the state. And yes, they really do grow a lot of corn.


  1. You guys ran this leg along I-29. This is among the roads I have left plenty of rubber along.
    29 is especially horrific in winter with high winds during bad snows, and ice patches that are scary to say the least.
    St. Joe has some significance, Jesse James roamed that area a lot.

  2. James - I knew that about Jesse James and thought about visiting his house, but we just didn't have the time. And I just can't imagine the winters out here - blizzards, etc. Yikes. I'll stick to the PNW where it snows just enough to be pretty but not a pain in the arse.