Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Post!

Today's itinerary:

Eric (aka: the mister, my husband) is driving me down to Bellingham to meet up with Mum (aka: Dorothy). As a bonus: my favourite pizza for lunch! The best pizza in the world is Round Table's Italian Garlic Supreme (no tomatoes). NOM NOM NOM!

After the hand-off lunch, Mum and I will drive down to her place in Everett which will be the starting point of this road trip.

Things we have to do today once we're in Everett:

- buy a cell phone
- go grocery shopping (need drinks, snacks, cereal, milk)

Cereal and milk you ask? Yes, to save money we'll have breakfast in our motel room.

Plans for Friday are driving from Everett to Spokane. It's only five hours or so from Everett but I think it's a good start for our first day.

(Only geeks-like-me will get that post title.)


  1. Have a great time and take lots of pictures and don't forget granola bars.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed! Say Hi to Mom for us and have a great time. I presume that you are off to Florida - if yes, please pass our love to Leslie and Mike.

  3. Lorne - we are having a great time (not counting car trouble) and I'm taking lots of photos. Eric stashed a few granola bars into the "electronics" bag.

    Anna - said hi to Mum, she returns it. Not going to Florida, Aunt Leslie said she wasn't up to visitors.