Saturday, June 26, 2010

Miscellany Part Two

- We're back from dinner and the car is still fine. I asked at the front desk if they had any goats available for animal sacrifice but they just looked at me and shrugged.

- I'm still collecting freckles on the back of my hands and lower arms. I should take a photo. Or sell them. Or something.

- I (we) can't get over how much the heat saps our energy. It was 103F today in Salina, KS. Blergh. At least Kansas doesn't have the humidity that Missouri was so nice to offer us. And we're down to one shower per day (per person) rather than the two that Missouri made necessary.

- Skype has been wonderful. It's great to actually see and talk to Eric every evening for free. I highly recommend it.

- Blog stuff: I've changed the publish dates on several entries to the day of the actual day. Meaning that the published date now corresponds with the actual date of the trip. I hope I'm making sense.

- Have I mentioned it's hot?

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