Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Ten

Salina, KS to Ft. Morgan, CO
400 Miles

We finally blew the pop-stand known as Salina, KS. While the people were great, I think both Mum and I will be happy if we never see Salina again.

The trip to Ft. Morgan was uneventful. There is a terrible dearth of wildlife in Kansas. It's really strange but we saw one deer and nothing else. We did, however, see lots of wheat. Lots and lots of wheat. Yes, I took photos of a wheat field (and stole two stalks - shhh!). I regret that I didn't take a photo of an Iowa corn field.

Almost forgot to mention - no more problems with the car. The alternator is working like a champ! Many cheers for Mavis (we decided the car's name is Mavis based on it's licence plate)! Poor thing was ten years old before it got a name. Tsk tsk!

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