Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The End

The best way to read the blog is click this link. That takes you to the first post. Down at the bottom of that page on the left hand side is a link that says "Newer Post". Clicking that will take you to the next post. It works the same on each page. If that's too much of a hassle, just scroll down to the bottom of this page (the one you're on) and read it from bottom to top.

I've processed and uploaded the photos that are good enough for the blog. I took 168 and narrowed it down to 40 or so. Clicking on the photos will enlarge them. Just click on your browsers "back" button to go back to the blog.

I think I'm done adding links and tweaking what I wrote. Please feel free to point out any errors.


Miscellany Part Three

I didn't forget this blog existed, really I didn't! I just needed a few down days at home to recover a bit. I don't know how people who travel all the time do it.

- It's so nice to be back in reasonable weather temperatures. Alas, the heat seems to be following me. It's supposed to be in the low '80s today and in the low '90s later this week. Blergh. Give me the mid '70s and I'm a happy girl.

- I'll be working on photos and should have them added soon. As I add photos I'll probably add more info to each post, so you may want to re-read them as you look that the photos.

- Once the photos are added I'll update Facebook/Twitter with a final "update" link and send the link to the relatives who haven't yet seen the blog. I meant to send out an email to everyone so they could follow along, but it got lost in the shuffle.

- Final damages for gift store purchases: $300. I had added up to $230 and was pleased but then I found the bag from Mt. Rushmore. Uh oh. But Eric didn't seem too upset, yay! And he liked the items I brought back for him. What I bought for me was mostly books. Most National Parks/tourist places publish decent books with photos included and I like to buy them as souvenirs. They run anywhere from about $5.00 to $20.00. A couple books I purchased were regular history/biographical type books. I also got a couple magnets, postcards and bookmarks. I looked for local jams and honey but everything was from out of the local area and I wanted local, of course.